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Preston Pierce Homespun Records

Preston Pierce is an independent solo artist and Australian singer/songwriter/producer based out of Queensland. Under his own label—Homespun Records—Pierce has recorded and produced six independent albums: Soulistic Remedy (2003), Artificial Intelligence (2003), Earth Walker (2006),  Dark Passenger (2012), Heartstrings ( 2013 )  Lost Dilettantes album (2017), a collaborative effort with Brian Wernecke and the Rise and Fall EP (2022).


Pierce is a self-taught musician with a natural talent that is immediately recognizable through an all-encompassing vocal range and soul-awakening lyrics. He started writing/recording songs in his late teens, forged from a love of writing introspective poetry.


For Pierce, the song-writing process is born out of life experience, the highs and the lows, the dark and the light. The end result is insightful and honest lyrics, delivered through unique and heartfelt vocals. He describes music as "a form of natural therapy, a soul release, a coping mechanism for surviving the stresses and difficulties of modern life." He hopes his songs will enrich music with purpose and deeper meaning, creating a moving experience for listeners that echoes his own organic song-writing therapy. He displays an intrinsic knowledge of music, successfully crossing genres and styles while still maintaining his unique identifiable sound and love for well-crafted lyrics. Pierce pursues originality and is not afraid of musical experimentation.


A wide range of influences reflects his unique take on music. Drawing inspiration from an early diet of hip hop, soul, and R&B; he later embraced folk, rock, and electronic music. He cites “A Tribe Called Quest” and rock greats Jeff Buckley, David Bowie and the experimental Thom Yorke as his chief influences. He utilizes various vocal styles to continue discovering and exploring his voice as an artist. Fusing the best of all worlds, Pierce is known for layering live instrument recordings, combining loops, samples, beat production and his always present vocal artistry and versatility. He breathes life into music that manifests from his experiences and interactions with the world.

His largely observational insights into the human condition are delivered with a disarming honesty, ranging from complex production to passionately sensitive, bare-boned life reflections. With crisp vocals, an impressive range, and his chameleon-like quality of blending various styles and genres, he effortlessly manages to combine his many personas. In Pierce’s world, music is a universal meditation on identity and belonging, loss and love.



Preston Pierce Homespun Records
Preston Pierce Homespun Records Studio
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